High Page Rank Link Exchanges

Getting sick of exchanging links with graybar sites? When I’m forced to do link exchanges for page rank I take a lil different intial approach. I use the ever cool Page Rank Search Tool on SEOChat.com. It allows you to search Google and sort the results by page rank. Start by looking for phrases on your topic.ie. “Key Phrase” exchange links url

Now if someone would just invent a search engine where you can search for html tags and include an API, I would be in heaven. They could call it Spamgine.


The Two Minute Online Business That Could

It’s not very often when you get to witness a brand new business idea take off from a seedling in the frontal right lobe of the brain and hatch into a profit maker and die right before your eyes. For anyone who has ever gotten to witness the birth and death of a business first hand, you can appreciate the simplistic beauty behind it. Here is an unedited transcript between a buddy and I that I would like to share, so everyone may partake in the beautiful rise and collapse of an empire.

WARNING: Strong language and sexual dialog. This dialog should be taken at entertainment purposes only. i want to die says: yoEli says: hey what upi want to die says: not muchi want to die says: hey i got a business idea for youEli says: awesomei want to die says: www.STDating.comi want to die says: a dating website for people with stdsEli says: hahai want to die says: so you match people with an std with people with the same stdEli says: thats brilliant!i want to die says: so the can fuck as much as the want no worriesEli says: what if it’s crabs. that would just double the conditionEli says: their crabs might mate tooi want to die says: trueEli says: but that is a damn good ideaEli says: they can submit pictures of their enflamed crotchesi want to die says: im a geniousEli says: to show the severity of hte situationEli says: you are a geniousi want to die says: we would be famousEli says: we would get laidEli says: oh wait, we wouldn’t want thatEli says: but we would be richi want to die says: yeahEli says: first we get the kackis, then the jobs, then the cars, then the chicksi want to die says: yepi want to die says: then the stdsEli says: brillianti want to die says: wich you can haveEli says: i’ll sharei want to die says: noi want to die says: i will take the moneyi want to die says: you take the stdsEli says: ok but i get the kackisi want to die says: oki want to die says: and i get to do the interveiwsi want to die says: …drunkEli says: okEli says: but i get some of your beeri want to die says: sure thingEli says: dealEli says: doneEli says: i made iti want to die says: you made it?Eli says: lets get richi want to die says: okEli says: ok, now people are signing upEli says: eww dude this is a bad ideai want to die says: ewEli says: these people are fugliesEli says: ewwwwwwwww!Eli says: ok i’m shutting down the sitei want to die says: haEli says: well we still made about $4,000 lets pay taxes and then split iti want to die says: no taxesEli says: your right taxes are a bad ideai want to die says: waityi want to die says: im a marineEli says: lets invest it in tighter underwear for old meni want to die says: taxes pay my asalleryi want to die says: salaryEli says: cus they have saggy ballsi want to die says: ewEli says: ok i invested the moneyEli says: lets see how the market goesEli says: oh no! it’s dropping like saggy balls drop when they come out of the showerEli says: oh wait no it’s rising nowEli says: no……old men can’t get it upEli says: we’re broke again dudeEli says: well it was a good business ventureEli says: nice workin with ya, but i gotta go get drunki want to die says: good dealme tooEli says: lata


IWebTool.com Releases Keyword Analysis Tool

IWebTool.com just released a membership based keyword tool that is pretty neat called Keyword Lookup. The registration is free and the tool is pretty cool. It allows you to see all the top searched for words in order. You can not only keep going down the list until you find the least searched for words but you can have it display up to 500 words/page. It also allows you to search for a specific keywords and find the related. Pretty neat tool I thought.


Top SEO Secrets

An SEO company cold called me today. It was great; she showed me how she got one of her clients a #1 spot in Google! The #1 spot was for a term that gets searched for on avg. 8.6xday but that’s irrelevant. She also spilled all of her secrets to SEO success on me, so I may share with you.

Top SEO Secrets <—-Get a pen1-Put a picture of a lady that looks half business woman and half house wife on the top of your site. She stressed this point2-Put a picture of a guy with a cell phone. It doesn’t matter where, just as long as you have a picture of a guy with a cell phone.3-Put a W3C logo and link on your site.

I’ve been doing it all wrong!

If I may make a quick side note. I did NOT take this lady’s words out of context to make them ridiculously funny. She really did believe these three things determined who was first in the SERPS.

Let the traffic roll in!

I told her I desperately needed some SEO for one of my sites named BlueHatSEO.com. She took a look at the site and noticed my guy with the jacket. I assured her that it would be promptly changed to a half home wife half business woman, just as soon as I could. She was relieved. I asked if she could get me ranked #1 for “blue”, #1 for “hat”, and #1 for “SEO”. She told me she certainly could but I wouldn’t want to rank for those terms. Instead the smart thing to do would be, to have her “keyword technician” do some math and find the term that would be most beneficial to my business.

I don’t know. I kind of liked the idea of ranking #1 for SEO, but I guess ranking #1 for “cottagebaconmix” would be more beneficial to my business.

I’m not going to crap down this lady’s neck too much; cold calling is a shitty enough business to be in after all. For god sakes though have some pride! Don’t let someone with a website with “Advanced SEO Tactics” in giant blue letters right across the top keep you on the phone for 45 mins asking questions like what is Google, because they probably don’t need your help as much as the next person on your call list. Though it was pretty hilarious hearing her freak out when Rob kept tapping the Mario Bros. themed hold button really fast.

So this was a crappy post with no real point to it except prove that I’m a jerk to telemarketers. Please listen to me SEO companies. Don’t cold call people! If you want customers, rank for terms they are going to use when trying to find you. Honest, if you asked your knowledgeable friend what a good SEO company would be and he responded, “I don’t know, search for SEO company and go with whoever is on top.” You honestly couldn’t say that would be bad advice.


My External Links

Sorry guys, as most of you realize by now I’m kind of new to the whole world of personal blogging. I didn’t realize my comments had REL=nofollow tags on all of your site links. I scoured through the code and took them out. If ppl are nice enough to comment and leave their thoughts on my blog the least I can do is properly link to their sites. Let’s just leave the spam and BS comments to a minimum please.


Page Rank 4

Wow, when did BlueHatSEO.com get a page rank 4? I could of swore it wasn’t there yesterday. HaHa…all well whatcha gonna do? It’s not like any sites link to me anyways. I wasn’t even aware I was in the search engines.

If anyone is in the market for a PR4 link I’ll sell you one for a measily 300k dollars. Or you can just leave a comment


My Alexa Cheat

With only about 1,200 visitors/day to this site I’m no mover and shaker but since my post about an Alexa Cheat my Alexa ranking has been rising. HAHA. Com’n people start sending your friends so I can be in the English Top 100. Kidding Kidding, don’t crash my site

Can you tell which day I put up that rel=prefetch link?

Google Syndication

I found an interesting post on The Pyramids of Google. It gives a link to the Alexa traffic log for GoogleSyndication.com. Which is the domain that Google adsense posts the links. This is actually pretty shocking. It shows the top sites that send Googlesyndication.com traffic. In other words what sites send the most traffic through adsense. They are mostly chinese sites! I don’t understand how that is even possible. Crazy stuff though.