Dealing With Those Pesky Narks

How was everyones Christmas? Mine was great! I realize I wasn’t cool like all the other bloggers and wished everyone a Merry Christmas on Christmas day but frankly blogging was the last thing on my mind. Sorry, maybe I’ll get you all next year.

Ya know whats fun? If you’re thinking spamming tech blogs than we should hang out! I also enjoy long walks on the beach and romantic candle-lit dinners. I know tech blog spamming is fun because I have a tendency to do it once in awhile. Sorry guys! The only downside is that tech bloggers tend to be a bit more hardcore about spam then the average Martha Stewart (forget the scandles she can bake awesome pies! So I still love her) . They also are DAMN GOOD at reporting spam. Those little fuckers Luckily I have a little solution to getting around it.

My solution is probably a bit different than most webmasters because I have a great fiber provider that loves to laugh at spam complaints. Are you paying me big money each month? Than why the fuck should I care about your shitty blog? hehe. I love it! Kudos to the not-my-job award. However I’ll try to adapt the following tidbits to fit everyone. Particularly those who have shared hosting and VPS’. I’ll also cover a fun way on how to spoof your adsense so when they send the complaints to the Adsense team it won’t do any good. What inspired all this? Honestly it was Jon from and He suggested I should make a “badass post” on the Blue Hat. I suggested this technique and he said,… in a lovingly way, “Keep this between us it’ll fuck people already using it if you let the secret out.” <- not a direct quote. However the more I think about it the more I think it’s better if I do post it. The way I see it is, The percentage of people who will use this technique to stop the narks will increase much greater than the percentage of narks who will use this technique against them. The less effective spam reporting is the better is for me in the long run. So here ya go.

First Deal With Your HostingDepending on your hosting, sometimes you can point domains to yourself. IE. point to your hosting’s IP on your primary domain and then all your secondary domains point to and for the name servers. If this isn’t the case tell your hosting that you used to run a hosting company and would like to archive your website with them along with your clients. Kind of a move over to their servers if you will. Then make a fake hosting company. Make a nice little website for it and a domain( and be sure to make it unusuable. Perhaps a small disclaimer saying you have shut down and are no longer taking new accounts will suffice. Then put it up on the hosting/vps/whatever. Your hosting company will set in the dns records the nameserver. Then you point that domain to itself using its own ip. If you don’t know how to do this just check with Godaddy tutorial or ask someone. Its very easy. Then have all your spam sites point to the fake hosting site(the and This will cause the narks to lookup your site in the whois info and grab the hosting information from the nameservers. They will go to the contact form for the fake hosting site of yours and email them a harsh letter saying they should delete your account for spam. You are welcome to collect these emails for future laughs. Your hosting is never the wiser and still happy because they don’t have to hear about your complaints.

Mask Your AdsenseThe next step is to trick the nark into reporting the wrong Adsense account. This could work for just about any CPC program you use. Feel free to post example code in the comments of various others. The first step is to redo all your Adsense banners. Use the “My Ad Will Appear Within A Frame” feature in your Adsense setup. This will tell Adsense that your ad will appear within a frame. Put all your Adsense ads on seperate HTML pages and insert them using IFRAMEs within your pages.Example

Then above each IFRAME insert put in a fake adsense account. Feel free to borrow an adsense sniplet from….oh say….a competitor!

Notice how I put the “s” infront of the ? Any random character or string will work. This will make the ad not show up and become invisible. This will have a fun effect. The nark will view source on your page. Look for the adsense code. They will see that adsense code and not notice the IFRAME. They will assume that its your code. They will grab the publisher id and use it to report you to adsense in an attempt to get you banned. You can pretty much use anyones adsense code for this. A competitor might be useful, but I personally enjoy using’s Adsense account because I like to believe the Adsense team gets a chuckle out of getting a complaint about them.

So there you go! They nark to your host: Your covered! They nark to your advertisers: Your covered! You are now welcome to spam to your hearts content. This isn’t 100% bulletproof but it will tend to stop a very large percentage of the complaints.Note that this also works for certain white hat cases where you got some mean competitors trying to oust you. However I wouldn’t recommend the Adsense portion if thats the case.


Top Commentators

Lately I’ve been priding myself in Blue Hat SEO having the most useful and insightful comments and commentators of any SEO blog I’ve ever read. For any blogger this is definitely a brag worthy subject. This isn’t a suck up post it’s to let everyone know how much I appreciate it. So I feel I have every right to be cocky in this manner and brag for at least one post. This may not be the most popular blog in the sphere but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t have the best feedback.

I was reading some other, more mainstream, SEO blogs this morning and I gotta say just the difference in the insight and intelligence of the readers’ comments are amazing. On other sites they tend to just agree or disagree with a post or blurt out whatever random ass emotion they’re feeling at the moment. Over here theres a trend of critiquing and research every aspect of the post. People tend to ask the questions everyone else is thinking and what future readers are bound to ask. Then the questions are usually answered intelligently by two or three different people citing their own research and facts. Problems and ambiguities tend to be solved in the same manner. Not to mention; the reader contributions have been BADASS so far. I gotta say YOU GUYS/GALS KICK ASS!

In light of this I just put up a neat plugin I found called Show Top Commentators as a way of thanking the people who comment often. It’ll post the names of the top 10 global commentators as well as a link to their websites (if applicable) on the navigation. Likewise, this is old news, but I also removed all nofollow links in the comments. So now the people who comment can get properly rewarded with links and the people who comment most can get rewarded even more. Personally I’d rather do what I can to improve the community here rather than my own faggy Page Rank.

I know there are plenty of lurkers still on this site (about 1,600 and growing daily to be exact) that I would love to get commenting on a regular basis. So if you’re a lurker by all means if you got some questions or insight on a post feel compelled to let us know and help everyone out by leaving a quick comment. Likewise if you’re not in the habit of reading comments on blogs than I’d recommend you make an exception here because you’re missing a ton of great information if you don’t. The rest of you; You really are making this an awesome place so keep it up because we all appreciate it! I know I’ve learned a ton from you guys already.



User Contributed – Domain Kiting

This one isn’t so much a contribution as it was me begging to post it. Its a great article from Phil at on a technique called Domain Kiting. The original can be found here. He promised he’ll post more great articles like it so be sure to check out his site in the future.Domain KitingI’m going to let some secrets out of the bag about Domain Kiting

So for those that don’t know what this is, listen up. You can register a domain name and cancel it within 5 days of purchase. It USED to be that the registrars would let you do this for free. Now most registars charge between $0.25 and $2 per canceled domain. See I would register hundreds of domains a week and cancel about 99% of them, just keeping the good ones that got traffic in the 5 day period. I would reg the domains and then change the DNS over to a parking page (like then I would be able to easily see how much direct navigation (type in traffic) I got.

Here is the formula for figuring out which domains to keep:

1. (Amount of type-ins in 5 days) * (365/5) = amount of traffic you could reasonably expect in a year. Now a good parking page will get ~20% click through rate, so take your clicks per year * 20% = number of clicks that you get paid on.

note: keep in mind seasonality…so if you register xmas domains expect to see higher numbers in December.

2. Find out the average CPC via the overture tool by taking the top 5 bids and averaging them so this formula is: bid1 + bid2 + bid3 + bid4 +bid5 / 5

3. Now take that average bid per click price and divide that by 2. This is the rough amount per click that you can expect from a PPC program on a parking site or Google Adsense, Yahoo Publisher Network, etc…

4. Next take the price you paid to reg the domain / average PPC from step 2 =# of clicks you’ll need in a year to break even on your domain.

5. So, if the # from step 1 is >

5. So, if the # from step 1 is > # from step 4 then you are in the black.

Let me do some real numbers to highlight this again.

1. So I got 4 clicks in 5 days during my domain testing period. Take that number times 73 (73 is from 365/5) that that equals 292 clicks per year. Take clicks per year 292 * 20% and you get = ~58

2. Now by doing keyword research we find that advertisers are paying $0.34 a click.

3. Divide $0.34 by 2 to get your estimated earnings per click at $0.17

4. Let’s say I register a domain name for $7.00 per year divide that by $0.17 and you get ~41. So you will need 41 clicks a year to break even on your domain.

5. So you estimate that you can get roughly 58 clicks and you break even at 41 clicks. So u in da black.


So imagine what happens when you find one that gets a TON of clicks and advertisers are willing to pay BIG $$$ for each click…Booya! Or, think economies of scale, it takes you very little time to register these domains and if you do them by the hundreds or thousands then the profits add up quick.


Start slow and ease into this. This formula is an estimate only, the variable that will put you in the red are:

1. Conversion rate on the parking/landing page: I see ~20% on most of mine, some higher some lower, it all depends on the matching for your keywords. To get a good idea of what this might be look at the ads that appear with your domain keyword, Are they relevant? Would you click on it?2. Advertiser CPC, seasonality and advertisers just pulling out will affect how accurately you can predict what they are willing to pay per click.3. Your individual cut from the parking program or contextual advertising program, this number will vary as well.


Thanks Phil for the great article! 


User Contributed- Typos

Here is an experimental user contributed post. The reason why I say its experimental is because the post was originally written and sent to me by George Tucker from Intelligent Coffee. It’s a great article that really got me thinking about what is normally a pretty commonly discussed topic in SEO: typos and misspellings. From there I couldn’t help myself and had to add my own little ideabox into it. So here are both!From George Tucker:I once enjoyed #1 Google rankings for a misspelling that was only listed once on the page, and that was in the META keywords tag.

This particular website is a review site for anti-aging and anti-wrinkle skincare products (tons of bucks in that particular niche). I found that there were three different types of keywords that were relatively easy to rank:

– Brand names (lots of skin care brands don’t have a strong online presence)- Scientific / chemical compound names (N-6 furfuryladenine, anyone?)- Typos

Ranking for typos has become a fairly common concept, but there are three specific methods to generate typos and to make them more effective.

1. Do you habitually misspell a word? (For me, it’s caffiene.) Odds are, others do, too. Use WordTracker to generate a keyword list based on the proper spelling and use find/replace. Congratulations, you’ve just created your own sub-niche!

2. Can’t remember how to spell something? Take your best guess – then jot down your inadvertent misspelling. (Ridiculous numbers of people are trying to buy expresso machines.)

3. The simple transposition of letters due to typos. When you’re typing fast and you flub a word, make a note of it. (This is where my formerly-#1 ranking misspelling was born.)

To cast a wider net for typos, make use of an automatic typo generator like the Typo Trap. This particular tool generates typos based on accidentally hitting an adjacent key on a QWERTY keyboard while typing a search term. Because they’re auto-generated, the words don’t make much sense, but they’re good for machine-generated pages and sites. (I find the WordTracker misspelling generator to be completely worthless.)

Typos are an excellent example of the long tail, and one that’s fairly easy to exploit. Often, they’re low-hanging fruit. Keep track of your own typos and sprinkle them throughout your white hat sites. Generate random typos and plug them into your keyword.txt file for machine-generated sites.


Great article. Thanks George! I’ll keep my portion short.

As mentioned there are quite a few typo generators available to try such as Typo Trap. However if you’re an automation junkie like myself and are actually looking for a nice list you should try this…1. Open Microsoft Word on your computer2. Click Tools.3. Click Autocorrect Options4. Look towards the bottom of the dialog box

Microsoft was kind enough to provide a nice big list of the most common misspellings and typos in the English language! The downside? No mass select or copy and paste on the list. Yeah bummer right?! Try going to and getting the macro utility. Export your autocorrect db using the macro utility and then see what happens when you open it up in a text editor.

Outside ResourcesWikipedia’s List of Common MispellingsScrapable version.Your Dictionary 100 Most Common Mispelled Words

Food For ThoughtHow about celebrity names and brand names?


User Contributed-How To Get A Link In Wikipedia (my post on

User Contributed: Rose Water Sheesh, he posted two brilliant articles on this subject.When adding links to the articles listed on “what links here”, as eli at bluehatseo recommended, if you add your link to the first listed articles they will probably be deleted, because the “what links here” widget lists the most popular or most edited articles first or some sort of popularity metric. To spell it out for you guys, add your link to the bottom-most non-talk-page articles first. Even if that article isn’t closely-related to your niche, it is usually tangientially-related. Then go up the list adding another link on another day.Also, I’ve found my precise phrase (eg: “quoted phrase”) on wikipedia in a completely unrelated article, and changed that phrase in the article into a link to my site, and no one has noticed for a month. Remember, find articles with the fewest edits or no recent edits, because you want articles where no one is anymore personally attached to their articles/edits!for example:blue river valley corporationbecomes:blue [ river valley] corporationthe howto: four is forthcoming.Here is the original


Easy Contributions

Hey I found this awesome new WP plugin that allows users to easily contribute and write articles for a blog. It’s called TDO Mini Forms. <- I'll let their website explain it all to you.

I thought it was pretty cool so I installed it and put it up on the Contribute page. So if anyone would like to write an article or post for this site they are more than welcome and it will be greatly appreciated! Best of all it automatically gives all the guests and authors full credit for the post. It even gives a nice little backlink. This is a start to a potentially beautiful thing