How To Take Down A Competitors Website: Legally

They stole your articles didn’t they?You didn’t even know until they outranked you.

They jacked your $50 lander without a single thought to how you’d feel?Insensitive pricks

They violated your salescopy with synonyms.Probably didn’t even use a rubber.

They rank #8 and you rank #9 on EVERY KEYWORD!bastards!

Listen, why don’t you just relax. Have a seat over there and enjoy an Otterpop. You obviously Googled this article for a reason. No one reads this blog anymore. I haven’t even updated since November or so I hear. Literally, Someone had to tell me I haven’t updated since November. I didn’t check so I’m just going to assume they wouldn’t bullshit me. The point is you have anger issues and would like to turn those anger issues into an anger problem. That’s cool I’ll show ya how, but first lose your initital instinct to go troll a forum asking about ways to take down a competitors website which inevitably leads to trying to find a hacker. Don’t be stupid illegal shit will ruin you eventually. Instead join the vigilante team to be a real jerk about it.

How To Take Down A Competitor’s Site The Asshole WayFirst create a free account on is a large anti-email spam service that I hear is secretly owned by Spamhaus (another free antispam service). It allows very bored antispam vigilantes (”spamcops”) to anonymously report email spam. From there they track down the host and server provider, tear out all the contact info so they can’t trace it back to you, and send them a report claiming you’ve been sending email spam. The fortunate and unfortunate thing about is they are very reputable despite having no method of verifying any of the reports are real. Hosts/server providers take their reports very seriously and often times after 3-4 reports in a short period will disconnect the targets server’s IP and a few more after that cancel their server keeping all their files. It really is a guilty until proven innocent scenario. The only way to win if someone is reporting fake spam against you is to really be a spammer and just shut down and move to a new host. If you’re a legit webmaster you’re pretty much fucked to say the least because they’ll just keep telling you to stop doing what you’re not doing and if they’re really patient they’ll ask you to prove you’re no longer doing what you were never doing. LOL

DMCA Notices Don’t Have Shit On Spam ReportsOnce you create your account and login go to the Report Spam tab…


Copy and paste a few random spam emails currently in your inbox. Swap out the domains and ips (they even give you neat tools for this!) and send away.If you do this every day for a week or two their server will eventually go offline. For them it becomes an uphill battle to keep from getting shut down.

This definitely isn’t a cool thing to do and isn’t in the spirit of competition nor is it affective against large sites like Wikipedia or Yahoo(DANG!). Likewise I wouldn’t recommend doing it, but unfortunately the tactic exists and is in play already. The problem is with reputation. Spamhaus and has a reputation as never being abused, but that’s only because no one ever bothers to check to see if it is abuse giving them a near perfect record. True recent story: I can’t say if my server really did send out spam or not originally because I just had no way of knowing, but I got this spam complaint. It was nearly worthless just had one of my domains as the links in the spammail and my server IP. I couldn’t find the problem so I told the server provider. That wasn’t acceptable with them so I made something up, saying umm yeah it was a sendmail hack or something. I fixed it. I fortunately could tell from some hidden code in the email that got skipped by the censors who the spam complaint came from. I thought it was over with but unfortunately I got complaints from him every day for about a week and a half. I fended them off till they eventually shut off my IPs with no warning and wouldn’t even give me access to the server to fix the problem. Haha oddly enough they said they wouldn’t turn it back on until I did fix the problem..idk. Anyways I said screw it and let the server stay down for two weeks. I come back and the guy is still sending spam complaints. Each one is dated for the current date. Basically he was spinning these emails and claiming my server was spamming him for two weeks without the server even being on. By the time I could even point this out it was too late, the servers and everything on them was pretty much dead.


So I definitely don’t feel bad if this information gets abused because it may eventually lead to a solution to a major problem that causes a lot of damage to the rest of us.

–> Captcha Cracked

Here ya go. This is the captcha busted in Python.

#!/usr/bin/pythonimport Image,time,random,glob,re,os,sys##$$$$train = raw_input("train? (y/n)")if(train == "y") : train= Trueelse: train = False##fileName = ''.join(sys.argv[1:])def getNeighbourhood(i,width,height,pixels):results = []try:if(pixels[i+1] != 0): results.append(i+1)if(pixels[i-1] != 0): results.append(i-1)if(pixels[i-width] != 0): results.append(i-width)if(pixels[i+width] != 0): results.append(i+width)if(pixels[i-width+1] != 0): results.append(i-width+1)if(pixels[i+width+1] != 0): results.append(i+width+1)if(pixels[i-width-1] != 0): results.append(i-width-1)if(pixels[i+width-1] != 0): results.append(i+width-1)except:passreturn resultsnow = time.time()captcha =,height) = captcha.sizepixels = list(captcha.getdata())i=0for pixel in pixels:if (pixel == 2): pixels[i] = 0i+=1toclean = []for i in xrange(len(pixels)):neighbourhood = getNeighbourhood(i,width,height,pixels)if (len(neighbourhood)  lowestY): lowestY = yif(y 4):croppingBox = (firstX,highestY,lastX,lowestY)newCaptcha = captcha.crop(croppingBox)if(train):text = raw_input(”char:n”)try: os.mkdir(”/home/dbyte/deliciousImages/” + text)except:passtext__ = “/home/dbyte/deliciousImages/” + text + “/” + str(random.randint(1,100000)) + “-.png”newCaptcha.resize((20,30)).save(text__)text_ = “/home/dbyte/deliciousImages/” + text + “/” + str(random.randint(1,100000)) + “-.png”newCaptcha.resize((20,30)).rotate(slant).save(text_)text_ = “/home/dbyte/deliciousImages/” + text + “/” + str(random.randint(1,100000)) + “-.png”newCaptcha.resize((20,30)).rotate(360 - slant).save(text_)captchas.append( = str(count)#text = “tmp-delicious-” + text + “.png”,30)))started=FalselowestY,highestY = 0,10000count +=1if(train == False):imageFolders = os.listdir(”/home/dbyte/deliciousImages/”)images =[]for imageFolder in imageFolders:imageFiles = glob.glob(”/home/dbyte/deliciousImages/” + imageFolder + “/*.png”)for imageFile in imageFiles:pixels = list( i in xrange(len(pixels)):if pixels[i] != 0: pixels[i] = 1images.append((pixels,imageFolder))crackedString = “”for captcha in captchas:bestSum,bestChar = 0,”"captchaPixels = list(captcha.getdata())for i in xrange(len(captchaPixels)):if captchaPixels[i] != 0: captchaPixels[i] = 1for imageAll in images:thisSum = 0pixels = imageAll[0]for i in xrange(len(captchaPixels)):try:if(captchaPixels[i] == pixels[i]): thisSum+=1except: passif(thisSum > bestSum):bestSum = thisSumbestChar = imageAll[1]crackedString += bestCharprint crackedString#print “time taken: ” + str(time.time() - now)


Check Mate: Google Images

Perfectly Optimized Google Image Code Keyword


Top Determined Factors1) Keyword in same table cell as image.2) Keyword below or above image in DIV or floating DIV.3) Keyword in ALT tag.4) Keyword in image name and image meta file summary.5) Keyword in same paragraph as image.

Acceptable Code

keyword in more than 4 words and less than 10.

text blah blah

Factors In Order Of Apparent Importance1) Factors 2 and 5 equal2) Factor 13) Factor 44) Factor 3*Factor 3 assumed because it showed no distinguishable results in controlled tests.

Automatically Remove The Google Frameif (parent.frames.length > 0) top.location.replace(document.location);

Perfect SizesSmall: 150×150 or smaller.Medium: Larger than 150 x 150 and smaller than 500 x 500.Large: 500 x 500 and larger.

Google Image Traffic Redirection.HTACCESS FileRewriteEngine onRewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^ [NC]RewriteRule .*.$ cgi-bin/redirect.cgi [R,NC]*If google images is sending you traffic you don’t want, you can use this code to redirect to a targeted advertiser. I have an affiliate site that sells lingerie. It gets tons of porn related traffic from Google images. They usually just realize it’s not a porn site and they quickly leave. So I looked at the most popular keywords used in Google Images traffic they send me and found a related porn sponsor and started redirecting all the users to my affiliate link. What do you know? Conversions!

*Check Mate*

Update: I didn’t even realize this, but there is a great write up by EMP over at Blind Ape SEO. Worth checking out.