New Server

Since some of the tools I have been developing for Blue Hat SEO have become pretty damn server intensive I built a new server for them. To update you guys on the progress, rest assured they are coming along swimmingly.

I wanted to let all the people who sent me tools to review to be thanked; I will do my best to ensure that the readers get a high quality review of your products. I have also been receiving an unexpectedly high amount of adsense type scripts. Ie. scripts that generate content and blogs and stuff like that for adsense accounts. Honestly, I am finding these types of tools tough to review. I really only have two things to look at. How well the script functions and easy it is to install, and my opinion on how good of an idea it is. I’m really starting to wonder if that is of any use to you, the reader, or the developer for having to give out a free copy to someone giving them a low quality review.

In light of the new server I have decided to change up my methodology to my reviews for adsense/content related products. I will actually create a new website for each script and dedicate one of my many old low producing adsense accounts (accounts that really don’t make enough to even warrant a check) to the script. I will use the scripts to their full potential for an entire month. Then I will post a copy of the Adsense check along with my review. Assuming of course that the script generates enough to receive one.The idea behind this is simple. “This program costs $150, in the first month a dude named Eli, which is about the same SEO skill level as me, made X amount of dollars using the program to it’s full potential. Should I buy or shouldn’t I?” I really can’t think of a better way of recommending or not recommending a product to you guys.

Note to the couple people that sent or are planning to send me their logspam software (programs that proxy hit other sites to spam their referer log files): I realize you probably read my Blue Hat Technique #5 and want to convince me that your program is better. Please realize, I may not practice a whole lot of respect for search engines in my business, but I have way too much respect for other webmasters than to recommend a product that screws up their ability to properly analyze their own sites.