Proper Indexing Analytics With Squeeshy Words

As the site: command in search engines get less and less accurate and the search engines failed to ever make their API’s out of beta-like reliablity. I have finally made the complete switch to “Squeeshy Words.”

Since I completely made up the term Squeeshy Words I am almost positive none of you have ever heard of them. The term came from a dream I had before I started my company that involved a hamster and a line of ants that needed to get squished. And we shall call him Squeesh! Basically a Squeeshy Word, is an abstract made up word that doesn’t exist. Kind of like what they do with SEO contests. You invent a weird term that no one will ever possibly use. You hide it in all of your templates of a current project. Then when you want to track how many pages that project has indexed you just search for that term. It surprisingly shows you a much more accurate count of how many pages you have indexed in each engine. It also gives you the added benefit of determining which pages hold higher weight Which helps with certain interlinking quarals. Since they technically all compete against each other for that particular Squeesh Word.

For those of you who don’t use the Squeeshy Word system (you don’t have to call it that). I actually suggest you get in the habbit of it. It creates a much more accurate analytics and it saves you a ton of time staring at API based tools.

*Also note: I’ve found that the API results often vary from even the most common datacenter. I really don’t enjoy trusting them.