RSS Evolution Released

Last Friday Scott Trimble from Blog Solution released another product called RSS Evolution. I got to play around with it a little bit before it came out. It’s basically an executable RSS-static html converter. For those of you who have had the displeasure of playing around with previous RSS to HTML converters before such as HyperVRE you already understand that for how incredibly useful, quick, and easy they are not a single person has got them right. For some reason no one can manage to make one that freakin works! The few that manage to actually install correctly make sure to quickly crash. The small percentage remaining somehow manages to skew the templates to an incomprehensible mess of table cells.

It’s too bad to. I’m a firm believer that executable content scrapers are the future of content generators. PHP and perl with a snazzy little database are nice, but anything that takes me more than a half hour to setup naturally forces my engineering prowess to kick in and I end up spending the rest of the day coding an automated setup for it. Frankly….fuck all that. I’d rather just have an exe. I want to open a program on my nice little WinXP computer. Import a keyword list, type in a few rss feed urls, grab a template from Open Source Templates and hit go. RSS Evolution is exactly all this. It runs very well, very effeciently, but more importantly it is extremely versatile. It can pull almost any content and turn 10 keywords into a 1,000 in a matter of minutes. If you’re wanting to create a 1,000 adsense domains in one day I wouldn’t consider any other method.

Since I’m not a salesman and this is starting to sound like a salesletter I won’t hesitate to mention its major downside. Hey nothing is perfect . I know much of the text formatting is done in the template, but the program itself does fail on several counts to format multiple feeds on a single page in a readable manner. This isn’t something that will pass human check by any stretch of the imagination, but buy it for what it’s meant for. An extremely fast and versatile method of creating adsense pages. I’m not going to mention the price, because knowing Scott he tends to raise prices the more the product sells. Good strategy for both the buyers and the sellers if you ask me, but at the time of writing this the price is definitely worth it. I’m already having people email me asking about it since I did put up a testimonial, I’m so cheesy sometimes , but so far all the ones that asked me about it and ended up buying are liking it.

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Program Screenshot

Output Screenshot