T-Minus 22 Hours

This is kind of exciting

The tool will be released in 22 hours. I will post up the url to it here at exactly 9am PST(United States) Monday Morning.

Time Zones9am US-Canada/PACIFIC10am US-Canada/MOUNTAIN11am US-Canada/CENTRAL12pm US-Canada/EASTERN6am US/Hawaii6pm EUR/Germany5pm EUR/London

Oh and I got a little surprise for you guys After you register and login, check out the Vault inside your account. I posted up a badass commercial trackback spammer I made almost a year ago and chickened out of making it public (you’ll find out why once you try it).But, screw it, you can have it for free. I’m too excited about this launch to even care.

Tomorrow is the day we show the industry what real tools are

PS. Fair warning. The subscriptions will require a Paypal account. So if you don’t already have one with a credit card attached, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to set that up in advanced.

PPS. The Vault currently has 36 databases and the one script. I think this will more than suffice for grand opening. However I plan on putting some hardcore work into this week and absolutely flood it with content.