Matt Cutt Videos

So Matt Cutts has made the leap into the video blogging world recently. I personally think this is a huge step in the right direction. Basically he is taking the time to create short 8 minute videos to answer questions from the people in the SEO world. The best part about it is he is actually answering REAL QUESTIONS.

Questions like:Does Google Analytics play a part in the SERPS?What are some SEO myths?

These are some really good questions that he is answering. This naturally shocks me quite a bit. Everytime I’ve seen Matt in an interview the interviewers are always kissing his ass and spend the entire time asking retarded questions like How does Google feel about spam? Well Jimmy, Google doesn’t like spam very much. Then of course after the interview all the listeners start kissing the asses of the interviewers. Oh my god that was such a profound interview. I learned so much. Instead of saying what everyone is thinking. Are you fuckin kidding me?! You had a Google engineer sitting there with an open mic and you didn’t ask a single real question!

All I can say is way to go Matt. Way to step up to the plate and swing. He didn’t have to do this. He could of just have picked all the lame questions, but he chose to do it anyways. You really got to respect him for that.