Forum Signup Spamming

Across several of my site’s forums there has been a new trend of some script automatically joining them and putting their blogspot spam in the website url. They are gaining links from having their links in the members list script. These seems to be only happening on phpbb boards. Looking at the averages most of these sites are gaining between 300-800 links from this technique. So i got curious, how many possible links can you gain from this spam if used to its fullest. This of course can’t be told by looking at how many phpbb scripts are out there, or how many memberlists are indexed, it must be done manually.

The answer is 53,203.

damn not bad! but before you decide to start spamming the hell out of every forum consider to temporary factor of these links. Not only will they not transfer PR to your site, but they will count for very little for a very short amount of time. This may not be worth it in the long run, becauseit is believed Google takes into consideration the “link growth” of your site. A huge peak, then a huge drop may actually hurt you. The only real solid potential I see of this is to get blogspot accounts indexed, and yes i would also recommend about 300-800 links per domain to get them indexed quickly and fully.

Good job spammers, you’ve bested the internet again