Google Update Report 7/06

The newest Google update seems to be winding down. How did you all fair.

Here is my official change report based upon what I noticed:1)Pagerank for newer sites became harder to acquire. Older sites seemed to maintain the same pagerank. A few older sites went down in pagerank if they had below a PR5. Newer sites got a below expected pagerank. This I think is due to the fact that Google aparently downsized their index before doing a pagerank and backlink update. Does this seem retarded to you?

2)Mid-aged sites went up in the SERPS. Sites that are around the 1-2 year old mark went up in the index and started competing with the 6-9 year old sites. This I believe is a correction made in the algorythm after drawing much anger from webmasters during the infamous Jagger update.

3)Reciprocal links took another dive.  Not as big of a dive that happened when Big Daddy updated, but they obviously did drop in value once again. I also noticed that the sites that removed their link exchange pages went up in the serps(converting all their low value link exchanges into low value one way links). This draws the conclusion that the links placed on a link exchange page hasn’t dropped in value, however finding a link to each site, on each site has.

More to come on this later when i get some time. Check back.