I Was Reading This BlackHat Forum

I was reading this blackhat forum today, cus I enjoy that kind of stuff, I supose. It was funny. They were talking about new ideas for css spamming. Some were talking javascript. Some were talking about hiding the text behind a picture. All sorts of witty shit that probably took them hours of devising. I just can’t help but laugh and wonder if any of them have ever heard of a marquee.

Look at me hide a bunch of text from the search engines. I can make this as small and hidden as I want. The best part is the search engines actually read this as normal text.

It’s funny how some of these people work so hard to let their spam go undetected using the latest and greatest technologies in webdesign. Yet none of them ever thought about using simple html 3.0 commands that can’t be banned or penalized. Although I’m not a black hatter I enjoy black hat discussion because it’s so much more creative and inventive than the boring repetative white hat stuff. Perhaps Blue Hat will become the non-boring white hat some day?

That will never happen with posts like this