Thank You Come Again

Heya everyone,I was going to leave this in a comment but i decided it would be best put as a post. I just wanted to give a big thank you to everyone for all the help and support you gave me with the Quick Indexing Tool. Much to my surprise my first public SEO tool release went off without a hitch. I was honestly expecting the worse. Instead i got a huge very positive response (sorry I’m still trying to work my way through the emails). A lot of people gave me very useful feedback on it and likewise many are donating back. It was inevitable that an asshole or two would come out of the wood works and abuse the tool, but to my shock not a single one has. Everyone has used it very responsibly and its been working out great to everyones benefit. I also would like to thank everyone who sent me before and after screenshots of their spider stats. It was very helpful.From the release I’ve chosen a 100 random sites to monitor closely and I have also been watching the emails from peoples personal experiences with the tool. Here is the general results I’ve managed to scrap together from a large majority of the data.

27% of sites were already in the index. This is fine. Even if they are already in the index go ahead and submit them anyways. It’ll help the rest of your site get indexed.

31% Made it into the index within 27 hours of running the tool. YAY!

22% Made it into Yahoo and MSN within 27 hours but didn’t make it into Google until 48 hours. Damn Google why you gotta mess with me like that

5% Didn’t make it into all three until 48 hours.

2% Didn’t make it into all three until 72 hours.

13% Never made it in to to all three. My optomistic thinking hopes that a large percentage the sites in this category were either already banned urls, or contain logistical problems. If your site falls into this category after 4 days email me or leave a comment and I’ll see what i can do to figure out why.

All in all the tool was, what I consider, a huge success. Both in the donations and the lack of abusers. I would also like to thank all the people that linked to the tool and/or shared it with others. For those of you who donated I can’t thank you enough. Whether you donated a $100 or one penny(yes i got one of those) it really shows that you care and just knowing that people actually care enough to do something about it makes this whole Blue Hat project definitely worth it.